Medium Voltage Power Cable XLPE Insulation 6/10; 12/20; 18/30 Kv


Manufactured according to standard IEC 60502 and DIN

VDE 0276-620

Conductors – Сu and Al stranded compacted

Insulation – XLPE compound

Inner semi-conductive layer – semi-conductive XLPE


Outer semi-conductive layer – semi-conductive XLPE


and semi-conductive tape or extruded semi-conductive

XLPE compound

Metal screen – Cu wires concentrically laid and one


of Cu tape with a thickness of 0.1mm

Sheath – PVC compound

Color – Red

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The single-core cables with insulation of cross-linked polyethene (XLPE) are designed for the transfer and distribution of electrical power in the electrical supply of transformer’s substations, small and medium industrial plants.


Conductor Resistance 

According to IEC60228 class 2 and VDE 0295 class 2 

Operating Temperature 

90° C continuous operation 

Short circuit temperature 

250° C (5 sec.) 

Overload temperature 

130° C /100h per year max./ 

Nominal voltage uo/u 

6/10; 12/20; 18/30 kV 

Highest system voltage uo/u, no more than 

6/10; 12/20; 18/30 kV 12kV; 24kV; 36kV 

Test voltage ac (») – 5 min dc (=) – 15 min 

6/10; 12/20; 18/30kV 

21kV; 42kV; 63kV 

67kV; 134kV; 201kV 

Bending radius 

15 x Dcable 

Level of partial discharge at 2*uo 

Max. 5 pC / 2 pC 

Temperature of laying 

No less than -5° C 

Temperature of exploitation 

-30° C to 50° C 


According to IEC 60502-2 or DIN VDE 0276-620 

Force of strain in laying n max. 

According to IEC 60502-2 or DIN VDE 0276-620