Internal Alignment Clamps-3B

Clamping range from 54 to 350 mm

The shaft is from 120 to 190 mm


Internal Alignment Clamps-3B for use on rotating welding-tables and revolving devices. This model is equipped with an elongated centre shaft. Automatic diameter compensation even for extremely differing pipe diameters.

In order to prevent electrolytic corrosion, we recommend the versions with stainless steel support rails (VA 1.4301).

Additional information

Size 1

Clamping range 54-140mm
Shaft length 120mm
Weight 1.4kg

Size 2

Clamping range 85-220mm
Shaft length 150mm
Weight 4.2kg

Size 3/es

Clamping range 120-350mm
Shaft length 190mm
Weight 12.5kg