Internal Alignment Clamps Type 5

Clamping Range from 54 to 520 mm


Internal Alignment Clamps Type 5

this model with two independent clamps is used for clamping flanges of all kinds and similar parts to elbows and pipe-bends of various diameters. The lower expanding clamp has strong gripping feet which insert into the bend and are tightened by means of the knob. The top expanding clamp is tightened by means of the hand-bar in the flange. Automatic diameter compensation.

In order to prevent electrolytic corrosion, we recommend the versions with stainless steel support rails (VA 1.4301).

Additional information

Size 1/b-e

Clamping Range 54 – 115 mm
Weight 1,00 kg

Size 2/b-e

Clamping Range 85 – 195 mm
Weight 3,10 kg

Size 3/b-e

Clamping Range 120 – 315 mm
Weight 9,30 kg

Size 4/b-e

Clamping Range 180 – 520 mm
Weight 23,10 kg