Wheel Perfilometer Riftek IKP-5

SAMDEX product code: 80644005

Operation principle

The operator mounts the laser scanning module onto the wheel to be measured. Having received a command from PDA or PC, the laser module performs non-contact scanning of the wheel surface.

Measurement results (geometric parameters and profile of the surface) are displayed on PDA, can be saved in the PDA memory, and transferred to the PC database. Simultaneously, additional parameters can be saved: operator number, side identifier(left or right wheel), axisnumber, locomotive (carriage) number, wheel pair number, etc.


Measurement range

flange height, mm 20…45
flange thickness, mm 20…50
flange slope, mm 1…15
rim thickness, mm 36…100 (30…90)
diameter (calculation method), mm 400…1400

Measurement error

flange height, mm ± 0,05
flange thickness, mm ± 0,05
flange slope, mm ± 0,1
rim thickness, mm ± 0,1
diameter, mm ± 0,1

Discreteness of indication

all parameters, mm 0,01

Profile measurement range, mm 145

Discreteness of the profile formation, not worse than, mm 0,025 (5800 points for profile)

Digital readout device (PDA) dimensions, mm  112,5×95,5×22,7

Dimensions of laser scanning module, mm

Standard: 214×156×54
Short: 201×114×54
Super-short: 213,5×90×54

Power supply (laser scanning module)

Li-ion rechargeable battery
5400mAh for standard IKP and
2400mAh for Short and SShort

Measurement time, s

adaptive, depending on surface quality, 4 average

The number of measurements that can be taken before a battery recharge is not less than

5000 for Standard IKP and
2200 for Short and Super-short

PDA memory capacity

100 000 measurements