Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge – 38DL Plus

Dual and single element transducer compatibility
Wide thickness range: 0.08 mm (0.003 in.) to 635 mm (25 in.) depending on
material and transducer selection
Corrosion thickness gaging with dual element transducers
Internal Oxide/Scale software option
Standard resolution of 0.01 mm or 0.001 in. for all transducers
High Resolution software option of 0.001 mm or 0.0001 in. with
single element transducers 2.25 MHz to 30 MHz


Single and Dual Element Transducers

Improves near surface resolution

Eliminates delay line multiples for high temperature applications

Couples well on rough or curved surfaces

Reduces direct back-scattering noise in coarse grained or scattering materials

Combines penetration capabilities of a lower frequency single element

transducer with the near surface resolution capabilities of a higher

frequency single element transducer

Can be contoured to conform to curved parts

Manufacturer: Olympus