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Softstarters increase a motor’s lifetime by protecting it from electrical stresses.

With everything that you need in one unit, from bypass contactor to overload protection, a single Softstarter makes for a compact and complete starting solution.

ABB’s softstarters can ultimately help you increase productivity. Torque control, pump cleaning and many more features let you do more than simply softstarting.

Main benefits

  • Secure motor reliability
  • Improve installation efficiency
  • Increase application productivity.

Main features

  • Offering: PSTX, PSE and PSR
  • ABB’s softstarters cover any motor application from 3 A to 2160 A
  • Reduced starting current and less electrical stress on the motor and the network
  • Fast and easy to install and set-up with a small footprint
  • Reduced mechanical wear and tear on mechanical equipment.