Pavian Electronic Sirens



Remote siren control, Detailed auto-diagnostics, improved connectivity with external devices


The reduced dimensions and lower weight of the siren yet higher output power and better performance


Software customization of siren functions

Electric power output: 300 W up to 4800 W

IP rating of the siren box: IP54, IP66

Operating temperature range: -25 °C up to +65°C

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Pavian Electronic Sirens

Innovative software technology

Innovated siren control from a remote-control center, including the possibility of firmware reconfiguration and alarm additions

More detailed auto-diagnostics of the siren and batteries

Higher quality of wireless communications with external devices (Wi-Fi, GPS, LTE, Bluetooth)

Improved Text-To-Speech function (automatic conversion of text messages to the audio output)

Siren control also using CAP (Common Alerting Protocol) or HTTP (Hypertext Transfer Protocol)

Customized siren functions using smarter software applications according to customer requirements

Complexity and multi-functionality

Optimization of the siren for large and complex warning and notification systems

Output power from 300 W up to 4800 W

High acoustic pressure over a great distance

Digital sound processing and excellent intelligibility of live-voice reproduction

Extended speaker life

Direct live-voice transmission and playback from the control center

Added possibility of remote alarm and live voice recording

Resistance and durability

Full operability of the siren in extreme weather conditions

Seamless operation in extremely dusty environments

Stainless steel electronics boxes and all their components

New resistant locks protected by a dustproof cover

Specially-shaped horns, ensuring high-quality acoustic coverage of a required area

Light aluminium alloy is used in horns for better resistance to adverse weather conditions

Higher durability of the mechanical amplifier construction

Incredibly short response time

Extremely fast siren activation and deactivation

Quick response time of the siren, providing the information on its activations and status

Exceptional reliability

Advanced auto-diagnostic functions in all modules and

communications links

Silent siren test

Global power supply (a variety of power supply methods)

Intelligent high-rate battery recharging with the battery’s

voltage monitoring and control

Accurate battery testing

Extended battery’s lifetime

Amplifier protection against overload, overheat and output

short circuits

Full operability in case of a power failure

Exceptional reliability due to modern manufacturing procedures

and strict output quality control

Increased efficiency of converting electrical energy into sound


Unique sound processing methods

Remote alarm editing and additions using all available communications channels

Virtually unlimited number of alarms

Volume control and siren mode selection (day/night)

Broad communications spectrum

Fully automated siren communications

Direct connection of monitoring sensors to the siren (harmful substance monitoring)

Simple algorithms for processing the data obtained from connected monitoring sensors

Siren control based on sensor inputs within an established communications network

Outputs for controlling other devices (beacons, gates and the like)

Great selection of communications channels


The powerful Pavian electronic siren can be controlled by various control units,

from a simple local wall-mounted control unit, through an internal control unit housed

directly in the electronics box, operator’s control panel with a color touch-screen,

to thousands of sirens comprising a single warning system, managed

by the Vektra® software with several super-standard functions.

Technical Parameters

Electric power output

300 W up to 4800 W

Power supply

Mains: 90 V – 264 V AC / 50 Hz – 60 Hz Solar: 24 V solar panels

Power consumption

max. 300 W during the battery charge process max. 13 W in standby mode with fully-charged batteries

IP rating of the siren box

IP54, IP66

Dimensions of the siren box

up to 2400 W: 600 × 650 × 350 mm (w × h × d) for more powerful sirens: upon request

Weight of the siren box

28 – 38 kg (without batteries), depending on the type of siren

Operating temperature range

-25 °C up to +65°C