Fully automatic priming from dry to 8.5 metres suction lift.

Godwin Dri-Prime® is a continuously operated Venturi air ejector priming device which requires no periodic adjustment or control.

Extensive application flexibility. It will handle sewage, slurries and liquids with solids up to 40 mm in diameter.

Dry-running high pressure oil bath mechanical seal, with high abrasion resistant silicon carbide faces.

A Close-coupled centrifugal pump with Godwin Dri-Prime® system mounted to a diesel engine or electric drive.

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Engine options:

Yanmar, L100 AE, 4.5 kW @ 2000 rpm

Impeller diameter 171 mm

Hatz, 1D41Z, 5.3 kW @ 2500 rpm

Impeller diameter 171 mm


Suction pipe

2″ BSP [F] & 3″ BSP [M] spigot

Delivery pipe

2″ BSP [F] & 3″ BSP [M] spigot

Max capacity

83 m³/hr

Max Head

29 metres

Solids handling

40 mm

Impeller diameter

171 mm

Max operating temp

80 °C

Max working pressure

3.2 bar

Max suction pressure

1.5 bar

Max casing pressure

4.8 bar

Max operating speed

3000 rpm

Fuel tank capacity

5 litres

Fuel consumption (BEP) 3 kW @ 2000 rpm

1 litre/hour