Circuit-Breakers For Power Distribution

Molded-case circuit-breakers are the ideal solution for all distribution levels, from the main low voltage switchboard to the sub

switchboards in the installation. They feature high specific let-through current peak and energy limiting characteristics that

allow the circuits and equipment on the load side to be sized in an optimum way.

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Available options

Samdex supplies molded-case circuit-breakers equipped with:

• thermomagnetic trip units

• electronic trip units

Characteristics of Electronic trip units

Operating temperature: – 25°C to+70°C

Relative humidity: 98%

Self-supplied: 0.2xIn (single phase)

Auxiliary supply (where applicable): 24V DC ± 20%

Operating frequency: 45 to 66Hz or 360 to 440Hz

Electromagnetic compatibility: IEC 60947-2 Annex F