Bono Electronic Siren


Bono Electronic Siren

A compact integrated stand-alone electronic siren
with a built-in battery for industrial use
Integrated stand-alone siren with an in-built battery backup
The first truly stand-alone Bono siren combines the possibilities of sophisticated electronic sirens with compact dimensions and a battery backup. It can be used both in the exterior and interior, industrial areas and noisy production halls, open-pit mines, and in a variety of other areas. Bono can reproduce signals and voice messages from its internal memory, live broadcasting from an external microphone as well as audio signals from other external sources. The electronics of the siren including a battery and 100W pressure loudspeaker is embedded in a resistant box made of aluminum and stainless steel while maintaining the low weight and minimum dimensions of the siren. A wide range of optional accessories is offered to communicate with, control, or power the Bono siren using a solar panel. As standard, Bono is supplied in a 100B version with a large horn, but upon request, it can also be supplied in a 100S version with a small horn.

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A specially shaped horn made of aluminium alloy and stainless steel in combination with a powerful 100 W pressure loudspeaker provides high-quality acoustic coverage of the desired area. A virtually infinite number of messages with their pre-defined priorities, interruptions, or combinations can be stored in and conveyed by the Bono siren equipped with the Mini Audio module (mAUD11).

Auto diagnostics

The Bono siren has several in-built self-diagnostic functions providing that customers opt for two-way communication between the siren and control center. The battery status and systems functionalities can be monitored remotely by an operator, thus there is no need for a technician to be sent to the siren, which significantly saves the operational costs.

Solar pack

By adding a solar pack as an option, Bono becomes completely self-contained, without needing a power supply from an external source. Using a suitable method of activation (e.g. by means of a satellite or sensors), Bono is a fully autonomous device usable anywhere – in a jungle while constructing roads or in a swamp in an open pit. Moreover, a variety of compatible sensors can be connected directly to the siren.


eight binary inputs and two binary outputs

RS232/RS485 interface

aBUS interface for other modules of the aSCADA® system

FFSK analog modem support

line interface Ethernet (the optional module required)

WiFi/X-bee interface (the optional module required)

GPRS interface (the optional SmartBridge+GPRS modules required)



Shooting ranges

Production halls

Train Stations